Papart Valley and Plateaus

   1650 meters high mountain pastures, natural forest cover and pastures located near Turkey- Georgian border are spectacular natural beauties, from which Şavşat Meydancık and Borçka Camili benefit from.

   Papart Stream (Göknar Stream) valley is a natural area included in the borders of Karçal Mountains Vital Vegetation Area. Karçal Mountains, which is an important part of mountain range that was formed from volcanic rocks, are on the eastern part of the Vital Vegetation Area. On the southern part of the valley, there exists Yalnızçam Mountains Vital Vegetation Area.

   The virtue of the region that includes the best examples of broad-leaved forests of Eastern Black Sea is that it has old growth forests that are free from woodcraft activities. The area draws attention by its various ecosystems resulting from rapid altitude changes, high percentage of endemism and rich wildlife.

   The area includes deciduous and needle-leaved forests that remain intact, and also tall sets of bushes, high mountain meadows, steep cliffs and mountain peak plant communities. Hybrids are predominant in the areas between 400-1.300 meters and needle-leaved forests dominate the areas between 1.500-2.300 meters.

   When evaluating Karçal Mountains Vital Vegetation Area biological varieties Papart Stream(Göknar  Stream) cannot be dissociated from Karçal Mountains ecosystem; so, it is qualified as a part of Karçal Mountains Vital Vegetation Area. Inside the Vital Vegetation Area, it is known that there are approximately 70 plant species that are endemic to Turkey. Although the area has a border with Georgia, it possesses so many endemic plants, which is a special occasion.

   In the area, 26 plant taxon carries the measures for Vital Vegetation Area. Tetrao mlokosiewiczi ve Tetraogallus caspius rank as the leading birds breeding in the area. Because the area is on the migration paths of raptors, it is a special place which has rich number of birds. Especially in autumn moths, it receives masses of raptor migrations.

   The area is somewhat important for hosting grizzly bear (Ursus arctus), the healthiest ones in the world, together with hosting wildcat (Lynx lynx), and carrying Vital Vegetation Area measurements.

   The Long-clawed Mole Vole (Prometheomys schaposchnikowi) is one of the other important mammal species in the area. The species facing extinction, Caucasian newt (Mertensiella caucasica) and Caucasian viper (Vipera kaznakovi) live in the region. At the same time, it hosts Parnassius apollo trabizonus, which is the Turkey endemic subspecies of Apollo butterfly and silverweed mig (Pyrgus cirsii).

   The area: Inside the borders of Şavşat, Meydancık town 

Arsiyan Plateau
This plateau is located in the middle of Georgian border from west and north, Pınarlı Village and Cin Mountain from southeast and Posof (Kol Village) from east. Arsiyan Plateau is different from other plateau with its pasture, water and fish.    There are plenty of yellow heaven flowers (neglara) and beetroot which one can use while cooking delicious food. Arsiyan Plateau is also famous for its lakes which have their legendary stories. Ancient settlement, for example in the lakes region, there are several lakes such as “Postanın Lake”, “Boğa Lake” or “Kız Lake”. All of them have an authentic legendary story which is related to their names.
Otluca Village Storage
There is not any information about the cellar which is in Otluca Village of Şavşat. That's why, the year it was built is unknown. It is made of rubble stones in order to be used as a storage or a cellar. The entrance is round arched. There is a corridor of one-meter high after the entrance.
Satlel Castle
   It’s located in Söğütlü quarter of Şavşat District. It resembles Bagratian Castles in terms of construction plan. Walls of the castle which were used for defence in Ottoman Period have still stood for years. As it hasn’t any inscription, the exact date of construction cannot be determined. However, considering its Bagratian features, it can probably be said to be constructed in 9th century.
Cancır Plateau
   It is located on Maden Village, Şavşat. The most unique feature of this region is that most of the houses have a wooden architecture
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