Borçka Yeniyol Quarter Mosque
   The mosque was planned as a square frame. It was constructed with wood and bricks. It has a hipped roof which is covered with tile. The mosque has a top balcony which serves as narthex and has seven stakes. “Cümle” door located on north side is used as the way of entering mosque. On the north of “mahfil”, “köşk” part appears in the middle.    Straight wooden ceiling has been reinforced by ten stakes. Stairs being in north-west corner serve as entrance to “mahfil” “Mihrap” and “Minber” have been restored. The internal side of the mosque has been restored. Mosque has 13 windows. Minaret which has been modernized stands on northeast corner. Some parts of the mosque have been made with wooden engraving.
Düzköy Village Mosque
It is located in Düzköy of Borçka. Although there is not an epigraph on it, it was built in 1850 according to the researches which was conducted later. The mosque which is in good condition today thanks to the small renovations is open for praying. There is a basement floor which used to serve as a medrese (a type of school) under the structure and the square-shaped mosque was built on it. Despite the plainness of the structure’s exterior, the minbar, the mihrab, the parapets, the ceiling and some other parts were decorated with botanical, realistic and geometrical motifs. This shows the contradiction between the interior and the exterior of the mosque. It needs a comprehensive restoration.
Borçka Dark Lake
The lake came into existence after the landslide of a hill near Klaskur plateau. It attracts attention of the visitors with its rich flora and is a good place for camping. Moreover, it is also  an excursion spot for the local people. The lake is on Borçka-Camili road and 27 km away from the Borçka district.
Çavuşlu Village Mosque
   It was built on a plain area in Çavuşlu Village of Borçka. According to the epigrah on the entrance door of the mosque, it was built in 1860. It has got two floors and a rectangular shape. There is a stairway in front of the entrance door. Almost all parts of the mosque were made of wood. Its mihrab was made of wood with a carving technique. The mosque which is small has not got any minarets.
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